The Grove: Very Brief Newsflash!

Hey girls and guys, 

Longtime no write! So I thought it’s about time I put my screen tapping thumbs to good use and start putting some music related content out.

Hope y’all are fine and dandy, staying crazy and enjoying lots of fun and music in your lives.

If the last item doesn’t ring true, I have one solution;

Visit The Grove! It’s really hotting up now! Bar manager Wes Coppinger is doing great things, enthusiastically leaping in, sleeves rolled up, to get down to the gritty work of building the place up as an entertainment centre. He is brimming with great and creative ideas, such as moving the Open Mic from every other Thursday to Wednesday, to coincide nicely with the 2-4-1 deal on those infamous Grove burgers. Think homemade and mouthwatering; creative genius on a plate.

So, performers who bring a burger buying buddy get a free meal as well as the standard free drink and shots! Sweet. This arrangement is way better. More of a crowd for a start, attracted by the burgers like flies to piles of…

Where was I? Oh yes! Open mic performers are also in with the chance of a paid support slot at the big Friday night gig at the end of each month. 

Wes turned his attention to the PA, adding some quality new bits of gear to ensure the open mic’ers and guest bands have a great sound.

We have some great events lined up including regular comedy and quiz nights, gigs every week. 

There’s an Escape Room too, which you can check out hereGreat for parties.

And of course The Open Mic fortnightly Wednesdays. The next one is on 10th May – put it in your diaries and bring a friend and an appetite!

Stay happy and see you soon!


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