Getting into The Groove


Hey guys!

Long time no write…. how humbly I apologise.
I’ve been BUSY! In the best possible way.

It’s been a flurry of gigs and new creative connections and ideas pinging back and forth like the little ping pong balls in that film, Forrest Gump.
Much of the activity has been centred on The Grove and I just wanted to share the progress, summary style.

The open mic has been running since the end of July now and we are loving it more than ever. A weekly open mic is the goal at some point. For now though, we’re keeping the fortnightly format. Let it build organically…
Right from the beginning, we’ve had an eclectic mix of folk singers, dancers, saxophones and rap artists. We had a crowd of freshers in one night, queueing to hook up their iPods to the system. Would you believe people have backing tracks of their favourite songs on their phones? Really?

Anyway, the evening ended in a sort of raucous karaoke. At one point there was such a crush of bodies in the stage area, most clutching a glass of something sticky and potentially ruinous, I feared for the health of the equipment. I’ll admit, I was out of my depth. Thankfully, Adam and the crew rallied around and with a concerted, crafty movement we shooed them all out. Disaster averted. Bless them.
The last open mic gig on 27th October was EPIC as only a delightful clutch of students from the London College of Contemporary Music can make it. These guys and girls are so talented and bursting with energy and enthusiasm. We basically jammed all night. It was brilliant fun. If any of you are reading this, a few of the regulars want to know when the young’uns are coming back to play! You wouldn’t want to disappoint them now, surely?
Josie Clark, Jack Evans, Herty Hill, Rosie Cheyette, Karl Stix Hall….
Amazing how networks really do work. I met Jack Evans at a gig in Farringdon the night before the open mic. He wasn’t even performing – he was there supporting a friend. We got chatting and I invited him along. Good old fashioned “talking in pubs”.

The following night, Friday the 28th, was the eagerly anticipated Halloween / AdEd party.
Resplendently decked out in ghoulish decoration, pumpkins grinning from the bar and cobwebs covering every square inch of every surface, the venue set the stage perfectly. The staff and most of the punters were decked out in costumes of varying degrees of weirdness.
Oddly enough, the scariest thing was the fact that the land lord and lady looked so plausible (and comfortable even) dressed as a vicar and a nun. As for me, I flung on every item of fancy dress I could find in the Landlady’s boudoir & ended up looking like Morticia in fancy dress as Pocahontas. Or vice versa.
Anyway, I for one thought I rocked black pigtails and elbow length gloves….

So it was that Darth Vader and a striptease Mrs. Doubtfire in sheer lilac tights and grey boxer-shorts took to the stage. An unlikely pair.
Or at least they would be in any venue other than The Grove.
It was of course Adam and Ed, the infamous duo, in full fancy dress, playing crazy music to a wildly appreciative crowd of hardcore AdEd fans.
To give you an idea of what I mean by hardcore, midway through the set about 10 men flung off their shirts to reveal t-shirts bearing an AdEd logo in the style of AC/DC. A couple of the guys had had them made especially for the big gig. Now that’s loyalty. That is love.
It pleases me to say that a regular AdEd big gig is part of the Big Plan.

The Big Plan (by the way) is for The Grove to become one of South London’s BEST and most NOTORIOUS Live Music hangouts.
Fearlessly ambitious are we!

Keep an eye on The Grove website and social media for the latest news and event dates.

Watch this space for news & updates on the exciting upcoming collaborations and projects!

TTFN people,

See you soon!

Cat 😊




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